The Spa where Kids get the Royal Treatment!  Only in Omaha, NE. Celebrate your little princess’s next special occasion at the spa where we love working with kids.


Princess Birthday Party at the number one Spa in Omaha


My Princess Spa offers a one of kind spa-like experience now available! Any event or party you can think of, bring it to us and let us sprinkle the fairy dust! We are dedicated to leaving your little princess speechless. Generally suitable for ages 4 through 12. Let’s give her the experience she will remember for years to come.

What’s better than a spa day for you little girl? Relax and let us, adult, for you. Just like boys want to play army girls just want to be pampered. Let us treat your little princess like royalty. We are conveniently and centrally located in Omaha, NE.


New in style trends and decor. Come sing, dance, and party with us! We put the magic in the air for your little girl and let the glitter fall everywhere. The fairy tale comes true for your little princess with our incredibly lively crew,  spa services, and experience. We are here for your kids!

Get pampered at the best day spa in Omaha


We have many popular services we offer to provide a truly spa-like experience. It’s her special day why not make it a princess day!

Makeup and more at My Princess Spa the superb Day Spa


Enjoy the Glam and be a Princess for the day at My Princess Spa in Omaha


We are dedicated to providing the best experience possible when it comes to your little princess’s special day. We have many affordable packages for whatever her little heart desires.


Our staff is handpicked personally so we can bring to life an energetic and vitalizing experience for your princess. All staff will also maintain professionalism and responsibility. We will adult for you so just relax.

Amazing staff at an Amazing Day Spa in Omaha
Bring your friends to the day spa at My Princess Spa in Omaha


We have plenty of space and can accommodate up to 20 children and their parents. Looking to add customizations of your own? We encourage it! Anything we can do to make your little princess’ day special, just call us. We can make arrangements.

The best customized parties at My Princess Day Spa in Omaha


My Princess Spa offers many packages and services to ensure your little princess gets the most out of her princess spa day. Everything from mini manicures, mini pedicures, decorations, pinatas, K-pop karaoke, to photographers we have you covered. 

If you have special requests just give us a call and we will try to make accommodations! After all, it’s your party!

Huge selection of fingernail colors at My Princess Spa serving Omaha


We have a huge variety of colors and products for your little princess to choose from. We have about every color of makeup, nail polish, and glitter. From orange to pink and everything in-between. We are sure to have the right fit for your little princess. Don’t wait any longer, let’s make it a spa day!

My Princess Spa Map guiding you to the best Omaha Day Spa


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A day of relaxation at My Princess Spa in Omaha
My Princess Spa - pedicure and manicures for young adults

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