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frequently asked questions 

We have created this page to address some of the more frequent and basic questions we are asked regularly. It doesn’t refer to the questions we believe are the most important questions that you should be asking. These are the questions our business actually receives from our prospects frequently. We hope you find this page useful and the answers to your questions addressed.

Is the spa only for girls?

Generally speaking, the spa is just for the girls at the party. Fathers and young boy children are welcome but may not be able to participate in all of the activities.

Are food and drinks allowed?

Food and drinks are allowed, if you’re bringing them please arrive 20 to 30 minutes early for proper setup and decorating. Please note that alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.

What if we or one of the children arrive late?

It’s a tight ship we are running here. Unfortunately, late arrival will not extend the time frame of your designated slot. If you arrive late we may or may not be able to accommodate all of the activities we have in store for your little princess. For this reason, we encourage you to not be late for your princess party. We rather you arrive early than late.

How should the nails be prior to arrival?

We ask that the girls come in with no nail polish or current designs and especially without fake and glued on nails. If you could please clean the tops and under the nails.

Can we drop children off?

Certainly, you may drop your children off if the parents hosting the party or event have elected it to be so. We do however require there to be at least one adult parent or guardian accompanying the birthday or event girl for the entire time.

What additional services are offered?

We have too many services to count not to mention customized birthday events. If you have ideas or desires of your own please reach out to us so we can go over the options with you in as much advance as possible. If enough notice isn’t given we may or may not be able to accommodate the request.

What about the cleanliness?

Everything used is sanitized and cleaned including but not limited to tabletops, photo props and more. We take no chances when it comes to your child. We are always fresh, cleaned and ready to make your child’s dreams come true.

Can I bring personal decor?

Yes, you may bring your own decor. Whether your package included any or not you’re always welcome to bring some of your own. If you’re bringing any of your own decorations please make sure you arrive at least 30 minutes early. This way you have the time to make it all fit perfectly.

What all can I bring?

Balloons, table decor, food, cake, cupcakes, etc. If your bringing extra drinks don’t forget Ice! Some packages don’t include plates and utensils. If yours doesn’t please make sure to bring your own. For any other request please give us a ring and we will be more than happy to answer any and all questions.

Are there any extra charges?

There are never any hidden or extra fees for our services. The price quoted is the price you get. However, gratuity (if earned ?) would be appreciated by our amazing staff of employees.

What’s your refund policy?

The party package reserved and booked will be the package cost. We reserve this spot in advance and therefore we cannot offer a refund if you were to cancel for some unforeseen circumstance and/or event. Please make sure everyone gets there! If you’re in need of help please call us and we shall try and see what accommodations could be made if any.

Royal Treatment

From the moment you walk in the door at My Princess Spa in Omaha, you are treated like royalty. Our magical environment will sweep your daughter away as she is pampered and celebrated.





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